50 Shepherd Boys and Reverend Brother Groom give back to Society.


Rev Brother Nicholas Francis Sebo who is a Presentation brother of the Roman Catholic Church, has supported 50 shepherd boys at the Kongo Parish of the Roman Catholic Church in the Nabdam District of the Upper East Region. He has over decades now, offered the Shepherd boys of the church the needed support.
The Rev. Brother who has been described as a father to the fatherless in the area has also been tagged as a game-changer. The over 50 Shepherd boys he has been providing them with the needed support, some are currently nurses, teachers, doctors among others. Meanwhile, some of these Shepherd boys are at the university studying law.
In an exclusive interview with Word News during the launched of a new program, he introduced to train young ladies who have not acquired any requisite skills to fit into the job market. According to Reverend Brother, the move is aimed at equipping the young ladies entrepreneur skills to help them establish their own businesses and the need to respect time.

Weaving Machines and Dressmaking Machines presented to beneficiaries

The Rev Bro together with the 50 Shepherd boys he supported bought Weaving machines, dressmaking machines to support the new program. Rev Bro Nicholas Francis Sebo, revealed that his dream is to empower the girls so that in the future they will able to support themselves and support their families. The program he noted, will help them learn different types of trade including sewing, decoration, fashion and design, painting among others.
Rev. Bro Sebo added that his outfit will put innovative measures in place in ensuring that the girls are well trained.
However, Rev Sebo also entreated the girls and their families to abide by rules and regulations governing the training. He added that at the end of the training will be given to each of the ladies to enable them to start their business immediately.
Mr Jonas Bugre a beneficiary of the training who shared his ordeal during his Basic education in some time past described what he went through as pathetic. According to Jonas Bugre he was very worried as at the time he was in class four thinking of who will pay his fees after completion is qualified to go to senior high school. But his worry came to an end when Rev bro Sebo came to his aid. He said Rev. Sebo has since provided all his need till he successful completed University.

Beneficiaries at the handing over event

Mr Jonas Bugre added that Rev bro Sebo used to sock gari with shito for them to eat during hard times and they wondered this man who is Liberian is even their relative. He said due to his support, most of them today can take care of their families.
Mr Mike Zuure a native in the area is one of the people Rev bro Sebo supported as well as the Nabdam district assembly. The former and current district chief executives of the Nabdam district Assembly, Madam Vivian Anafo and Mrs Agnes Anamoo were both respectively graced the occasion and testified how Rev Sebo supported the Nabdam district.


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