If Incumbent, Rudolf Aminga-Etigo Was Overthrown,I Will Overthrow Hon. Isaac Adongo- Mr. Emmanuel Aphour


Mr Emmanuel Aphour has said he will beat Hon. Isaac Adongo ,the incumbent NDC member of Parliament for the Bolgatanga Central constituency seat if he is elected as Parliamentary candidate of the New Patriotic Party for the Bolgatanaga central constituency.

Mr Aphour who is contesting the NPP primaries in the Bolgatanga Central constituency, during the launch of his campaign at the Veterans Association of Ghana (VAG) Hall said he is inspired by the overthrow of incumbent member of Parliament for the Paga-Chiana constituency, Hon. Rudolf Aminga-Etigo.”Even primaries, incumbents are been dethrone let alone the main elections. If you go to Chiana-Paga,the incumbent MP was dethrone.”

On why he should be voted for?

Mr Aphour, who contested the Regional Chairmanship position of the NPP in the Upper East and lost to Lawyer Anthony Namoo said he stands as the best candidate among the three aspirants because he has the support of the grassroots who are rooting for him to lead the party. “It is the result of what happened during the first contest that is making the grassroots to think that it is necessary I move a step further”

He also promised to make all his contenders part of his campaign team in his bid to unify the party.

“I assure you that if I happen to get the nod, all my other contestants will become my campaign team members. That is why I called Rex Asanga and met with him out of respect and that is because I want to unify people.”

Mr Emmanuel Aphour is contesting for the NPP primaries in the Bolga central constituency with Hon.Rex Asanga, a former parliamentary aspirant, and Hon. Joseph Amiyuure Atura,the current Bolga Municipal Chief Executive.

The NPP will hold its primaries in all orphan constituencies on Saturday, 28th September, 2019.

Source/Simon Agana


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